On every Friday Jeevodaya Milk Project provides noon meals free of cost to all inpatients and their by standers in the Govt. Taluk Hospital,Kothamangalam. Jeeva Catering Service is extended to needy people on a no profit no loss basis. Besides this, support and financial help is given to the dairy farmers, employees of Jeeva Society as well as innumerable poor people.

The present director Rev Fr Jacob Thalappillil’s vim, vigour and vitality have enriched and illuminated the lives of all Jeeva employees as well as those of their families. Free rice distribution and items like meat, fish, vegetables, uniforms, books, bags, umbrellas  etc. at subsidised rate to families of Jeeva staff, annual tour cum pilgrimage trips to Chennai, Goa, Mylapore, Velamkanni, Thiruvananthapuram etc, low cost flight experience a once in a life time opportunity for many and similar ventures have enabled employee satisfaction as well as zero attrition levels. With the well being and welfare of the employees being given prime priority, it is indeed a joy, satisfaction and honour for them to serve here in various capacities. This enables loyalty as well as a feeling of oneness- each one has the feeling of being part of a big family the Jeeva family.